AZTEK Company (referred to as HostingFest). Customers who purchase the Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) This Service Agreement is valid for the services provided over the internet and consists of rules for determining the necessary conditions for the provision of hosting service between real individuals or legal entities and HostingFest. Before purchasing a product on our website, you must read the entire service agreement. If you do not accept one or more of the terms, please do not place an order. By placing an order, you will be deemed to have accepted the terms.


In accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts and all other legal regulations and practices, the parties’ mutual rights and practices regarding the purchase/sale of the services and products listed below by the customer on the website of HostingFest in electronic form. Determination of obligations is the subject of this contract. Following the signing/acceptance/approval of the contract in the virtual environment, the Customer, by participating in the signing/acceptance/approval of this contract, reads and understands the contract and the Terms of Service as an inseparable and indivisible whole, as well as the contract, and that HostingFest will make on the website from time to time. It accepts, declares and undertakes to abide by all the terms and conditions in this Agreement, including additional or different terms, conditions and policies, including updates and regulations, and to act in accordance with all terms and conditions.


This contract is valid for the duration of the service commitment to be brought in addition to the contract. If an additional service commitment is not brought to the contract, the contract is valid for one payment period, and continues for one payment period unless one of the parties notifies the other.

Related Products

The servers sent by the CUSTOMER to use in HostingFest’s data center or the leased server, virtual server, hosting and other services belonging to HostingFest have the qualifications mentioned in the contract, the sales price of which is on the website of HostingFest or sent to the CUSTOMER. – is the service determined by mail. CUSTOMER, basic characteristics of the service subject to sale, sales price, payment method, delivery conditions, etc. It accepts and declares that it has knowledge of all preliminary information and the right of withdrawal regarding the service subject to sale, that it reads and confirms this preliminary information in electronic environment and then orders the product, in accordance with the provisions of this contract.

By confirming the preliminary information electronically, the CUSTOMER confirms that he has obtained the address, basic features of the ordered products and services, the Turkish Lira price including taxes, payment and delivery information accurately and completely before the conclusion of the distance contracts.

Suspension & Termination of Service

HostingFest reserves the right to stop all services provided to the customer, as well as all e-mail, web, ftp accounts, due to problems in payment, provision problems for customers with credit card payment orders or clauses related to terms and obligations.

During the continuation of this situation, e-mail, web, ftp access cannot be made on behalf of the customer, and e-mail accounts are blocked and incoming e-mails are rejected.

Both copyrights and T.C. on our servers. Content that violates the law is prohibited. This content; Hack, Crack, Warez, Adult and MP3 content included.

The security of all software on the server belongs to our customers. Our company is in no way responsible for any issue that may arise from Chmod 777 or related to your software.

Accounts found to be spamming (spamming) and phishing on our servers are permanently closed following notification from the relevant institutions regarding these activities.

After 10 days from the last payment date, the service is suspended and if the payment is not made within 30 days, the service is terminated.

Return Policy

The products purchased through our company have a 100% free refund guarantee within the first 15 days (excluding domain name, sla, server rental & hosting services). It is not possible to return the free domain name and similar services included in the packages purchased within the scope of the campaign. If a refund is requested for service models exceeding 15 days, if the service model is not domain name, sla server hosting & rental, the remaining time is calculated and the remaining amount is defined as credit to the account after VAT is deducted. Refunds can only be made to the channel where the payment was made, it is not possible to return to a different card, bank account or person.


In the new payment period, the CUSTOMER can cancel the service received by logging in via the website and terminate the contract without any further notice. For this, the last payment date for the service must not have passed. The CUSTOMER agrees and undertakes that he/she will not demand any refund regarding the terminated contract or the canceled service. HostingFest can unilaterally terminate the contract at any time.

FORCE MAJEURE CAUSES, which develops beyond the control and will of the parties and is beyond the reasonable supervisory power, and which prevents and/or delays the fulfillment of the obligations of the parties under this contract, which cannot be predicted, but limited to war, civil war, terrorist acts, earthquake, fire, The occurrence of natural disasters such as floods will be considered as force majeure. When a force majeure event occurs, one of the parties must immediately notify the other party without delay. In the event of such a situation, the parties will evaluate together, determine and implement the measures to be taken together. The parties shall not be held responsible for failing to fulfill their obligations fully or on time due to force majeure. In case the force majeure situation continues for 30 (thirty) days without interruption, this contract will automatically become annulled. However, the rights and receivables of the Parties accrued before the termination shall be reserved.

Contact Addresses

The parties have accepted, declared and committed to the postal addresses specified in the order address as legal residence for all kinds of notifications arising from the contract. All kinds of notifications made to these addresses will be deemed to have been served even if they are not received by the parties. Unless the changes in these addresses are notified to the other party in writing, the old addresses will be valid.

HostingFest can send messages, information, texts, warnings, payment notifications, account movement charts, and account statements to the e-mail address allocated to the customer within the contract period. The customer cannot claim that the electronic messages in question were not received or not received, and he declares, accepts and undertakes that the said messages will be deemed to have been legally notified 1 day after they are sent.

Authorized court

This contract, however, consists of 11 articles and sub-headings, and has been read, understood and signed by the parties. (Signature is deemed to have taken place by creating a profile on the website or sending the order to HostingFest on the internet). HostingFest may add, remove, or make changes to new articles and/or sub-titles if deemed necessary. The customer declares and undertakes that he has accepted these changes in advance.